FANTASY is a collective of artists who utilize various modes of painting, installation and sculpture to depict delusions within perspectives and interpreting reality.


2017 - Day & Night Projects, Atlanta
2016 - Metropolitan Gallery 250, Philadelphia

*ranked 2nd best exhibition in Philadelphia, November - UWISHUNU


Ashton Bird

Sierra Kramer

Matthew Lawrence

Chelsea Raflo

Lucia Riffel


SOUP experimental

fb: SOUPexp
ig: soupexperimental
# 712 574 3777



ArtATL - "Day & Night's "Fantasy" shows multiple worlds mingling

"Fantasy is an approach, an interpretation taken in very personal directions at Day & Night Projects. In this exhibition it becomes the lens through which the subject is manipulated into work that looks very different from its neighbor, where things like celebrity, domesticity and the internet mingle apart from reality. SOUP Experimental is only a year-and-a-half old, but the DIY Tallahassee outlet has already proven itself ambitious with a prolific exhibition schedule and collaborative ventures with spaces like Day & Night projects. This intriguing Atlanta debut by the collective Fantasy is sure not to be the last we see of them." -Angela Bortone


" Food and collaboration often go hand in hand when it comes to the art world. Or at least that was the thought that inspired the creation of SOUP Experimental, a gallery in Tallahassee that celebrates all forms of creativity, from visual art to music to cooking and more. Now Metropolitan Gallery 250 brings the Florida gallery’s experimental framework to Philadelphia, in an exhibition that defies distance, geography, and reality." - UWISHUNU

breadhead - Tallahassee artists to open 2016-2017 season

" Fantasy brings together five artists—Sierra Kramer, Matthew Lawrence, Chelsea Raflo, Lucia Riffle, and Bird, himself who use sculpture, installation and painting to transport the viewer into distinct imaginative realms. The gallery is transformed where the work engulfs the viewer in alternative realities of romanticized versions of domestic or safe spaces, externalized subconscious thought and representations of timelessness through fictional artifacts.  Each artists’ expression references their perspective on the definition. Fantasy is to be interpreted as either entertaining or critical, and invites the viewer to become a participant." - breadhead